The Pernix Formula — Juan Figueroa

Currently, I am a computer engineering student about to graduate, in my quest to grow professionally I was lucky enough to find an opportunity at Pernix, in an apprenticeship process where you work twenty hours a week, on real projects with a real team and with great flexibility to get experience.

During this time, you are not only an apprentice, you are also part of the company as a collaborator, you attend meetings with co-workers, you discuss and exchange ideas with everyone present, you share and strengthen the bonds between colleagues and encourage employees to improve every day.

There are different initiatives to improve as a professional in Pernix, the ones that have caught my attention the most are the formats of :

Open space: that focus on providing a space to share common interests with colleagues.

Pairing: where employees learn about new technologies together with colleagues who are working on a project implementing that technology.

Finally and the most remarkable thing that I have lived in this process is the experience of sharing with colleagues, everyone is very friendly and are always willing to help with any task, there are many people who are very well prepared in each of their specialties with whom you can learn and grow to be a better professional.



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