The importance of leadership — Juan José Herrera Rodríguez

In this last 2 weeks I have learned that leadership is an essential characteristic that every worker should have to be successful. Without leadership is impossible that a software team can succeed in their tasks.I will tell about some experiences that made me understand better the importance of leadership in this industry and why I should learn everything I can from my mentor and boss. Every single day on Pernix I can notice the leadership from my mentor and boss on many different things.

The leadership that my boss has during meetings is essential for the dev team to know what will be the path to work after the meeting and what are the things that we must better on the project. A good leader knows how to handle difficult situations during the meetings and also know what advices can be made to improve efficiency during meetings. Also, my boss knows the correct way to talk to each of the team members that is essential for conflict solving.

When my boss writes emails he knows how to transmit his leadership also during writing. Selecting the correct words is essential to express correctly the ideas to the software team and also to the client and also to inspire trust and confidence to both sides. If they are problems on the proyect a good leader must know how to fix those issues with oral communication but also written communication and knowing how to express the ideas correctly.

My mentor is another example of a good leader. Every time I need help with something he knows how to help me and what are the correct solutions to my problems.Also, he has given me some advices to improve my leadership attitudes so that in the future I can be a good leader that can command a developer team without difficulties. With every skill that I need to improve he always give me the correct advices to become a better professional.

There are many attitudes that I must better be a good leader, but I should keep asking to my teammates how I can be a good leader, which skills I should grow and what is my path to keep developing in. On Pernix I have learned that leadership must be applied also in real life situation to help others to reach their goals and to become a better person.



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