Productive day — My best job performance — Alfonso Badilla

Being a productive person is of the utmost importance when we develop software, as our product is constantly being evaluated. Therefore, knowing our strengths, where I am most productive, what things make me more productive, is of the utmost importance. In addition, our work may be a requirement of someone else in order to continue with software development.

In my experience, starting from university, what I do to achieve maximum productivity, it was not so easy for me to discover. The first thing I knew about myself is that physical comfort is one of the most important factors, it is not the same to be concentrated with a relaxed body than to try to concentrate and be in constant movement looking for how to accommodate, since a bad body position can bring more serious consequences. Another important point is the noise around us, I know people who listen to music and even sing (I don’t understand how they can do that, singing takes away my concentration), in my case it is completely the opposite, I discovered that mine is not songs, I am 100 times more productive if I listen to bits that help concentration. Mainly, these 2 factors make my work day of 8 hours go from 5–6 productive hours to 6–7 hours, leaving one to take small breaks like getting up from the chair and getting fresh air, because yes, clear the mind it helps more than we think.

There are many techniques that we can find on the internet on how to increase our productivity, but the best we can do is do a self-assessment ourselves. One of the first articles I read when I was in the process of joining the Pernix team was “Managing Oneself”, for anyone who wants to discover how to increase their productive hours, I consider this to be a good starting point.



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