Pernix Culture — Mariela Calvo

Pernix has allowed me to get to know their culture, a culture that is based on communication, collaboration, peer support, personal retrospective and the growth of each of their employees. Something that I can highlight about its culture is the fact of being able to participate in the Apprentice Program to enter a work environment that is as close as possible to reality. The apprentice program has allowed me to experience each of these aspects, in addition to the support I have had throughout the process through the assignment of my mentor, the people who have helped me with different tasks and problems, the general support of the company, this accompaniment has allowed me to learn more about its culture and internalize that culture, since after all it is about making the culture represent me but also about feeling identified with what it represents.

Pernix has provided me with the necessary tools to be able to function in this environment that is new to me, both technical tools and skills such as communication, creativity, responsibility and teamwork, just to mention a few, since there are many more skills I have. have strengthened in this process.

Pernix’s culture also allows its employees to grow as the company grows, from apprentices to the most experienced developers participating in a growth and learning process that benefits everyone. Something that I would like to highlight about the learning program is being able to grow and learn in different areas and in different projects, we are given the opportunity to make mistakes, give our point of view and help solve the problems and needs of a client.

The confidence they give us is another important aspect, as I mentioned before, allowing ourselves to make mistakes, but the important thing about this is that by giving ourselves that freedom we can learn from the mistakes made so that in the future we can avoid them and help others with our experience.

On the other hand, teamwork is also something that I have been able to experience thanks to the culture of Pernix, being able to work together with another person allows us to enrich our knowledge, our ideas and allows each member of the work team to grow. . Individual benefits are not sought if a common goal is not sought.

Pernix also allows us to grow and become independent, build our professional career according to our abilities and our preferences, Pernix gives us that opportunity for individual growth by including ourselves in different projects to discover what we really like, but with the aim that both the company and the person can grow and feel comfortable with the work that is done.



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