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3 min readOct 17, 2022

It is no secret to anyone that today one of the things that most worries people in a new workplace is its culture as a company and its environment, personally I am one of them, let me tell you why. Who does not dream of having a workplace where the culture is to their liking and where as an employee their ideas and contributions are taken into account, as well as other aspects; there’s nothing like a good work culture to make you feel motivated and appreciated. When you feel like you’re part of a team and that your work is valued, it makes going to work a lot more enjoyable. This is where Pernix Solutions plays a very important role in my work experience and life.

I remember that when I started the recruitment process to do my internship with Pernix, the recruiters told me a little about the culture and environment of Pernix Solutions, where camaraderie, kindness, teamwork and others are present on a daily basis; as well as other aspects that are in the company’s playbook and that from personal experience serve 100% to demonstrate the great culture that the company has. In my opinion, a good work culture and environment can be created in a number of ways, but in this case, I will share with you some of the things I really like from the Pernix culture and what make thing this is a really good place to work.

First, as soon as you start working with Pernix, it doesn’t matter if you are an apprentice, intern or employee, you start feeling valued and respected, like you are part of a team and that your work will be meaningful. There is like a sense of camaraderie and cooperation, and you feel like you can be yourself without fear of judgement.

Second, everyday they encourage you to share ideas and work together with your team to solve problems, here is where pairing and teamwork shows up, so you will never be alone and you will always have backup if needed. For me, teamwork is a very important fact that should be present in every company, is the key for success and Pernix always have that in mind.

Third, one of the things I like the most about the company is the quality of people who are its employees, always willing to help at any time and to provide you with a guide on how to do things if necessary. This is a very important aspect because it is very common in jobs to find environments where colleagues live in a very toxic environment, where mistreatment and gossip are present, this is not the Pernix case, here they want you to grow and do things in best way possible and if there is something you did wrong, they will give you the feedback in a respectful way and they will also give you advices to not repeat the same mistake again.

Last but not least, you can grow both personally and professionally within the company, where with the different guides and material provided by the playbook you can shape your path, an aspect which is always mentioned in the weekly town halls, where you can hear different opinions and testimonials from people with a lot of experience.

I am the kind of person who think that when you have a good work culture, it shows in the quality of your work, you will be more productive and motivated. I have almost three months with Pernix and I still have the same motivation as when I started thanks to the Pernix culture.



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