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3 min readOct 21, 2022


The process in Pernix has been gratifying, but to carry all this forward I have had to face quite big personal challenges to improve my day to day. I’ve always been someone who needs to have little challenges to see that change in my abilities.

In this blog I will detail what are those 3 elements that I consider essential in my professional development.

1- Self-critical.

Every day we have to perform completely different tasks, in software development it is necessary to keep knowledge updated in different areas of work.

If one day I learn a new concept and apply it to my tasks and obtain a positive result, it does not mean that I already have an advanced command of the subject, far from it.

So every time I have to learn something new, I wonder what other concepts I could learn with the intention of reinforcing what I applied.

Many times we think that we know everything about something specific, but if we have the mentality of wanting to learn something new every day, this thought will be useless in our personal development.
The challenges work to overcome those barriers that make us afraid. An example might be talking to someone who has a fairly extensive knowledge of a topic. And in that conversation feel intimidated by such knowledge that he possesses. So in this type of situation I am interested in how that person managed to develop that knowledge and in this way I ask myself how I could improve and learn efficiently.

So many times it is completely necessary to be critical of our current position.

2- Patient

Each person is completely different and we cannot think that we will learn in the same way. On many occasions we give ourselves the task of learning new things, but the only way we can improve is by being constant each day that we work to acquire that knowledge.

Patience helps us to better visualize the problem, putting aside those negative thoughts of wanting to learn immediately. An important point is that when we are learning something new, if we pay attention to the details we will be able to better see and understand the concept as such.

3- Disciplined

This last point is undoubtedly the most important for me, the first points are based on being able to apply the discipline every day.

On many days we are going to feel motivated and that helps to do a task, but very possibly the next day that motivation will not be the same, so discipline will be responsible for us moving forward.

Discipline is an element that if we apply it every day for all tasks we will see significant progress in our professional process.

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

I apply these characteristics in my day to see positive progress and without a doubt they have helped me improve in many aspects of my professional life.



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