Career Path at Pernix Solutions — Bryan Keihl

Today, one of the things that employees look for in a company is the opportunity to grow both as a person and as a professional. It is no secret to anyone that in most companies, employees are one more asset where they do not care about their growth within the company. Recently, I started my internship with Pernix Solutions, I have four months with them and it is so amazing to see a company where they really care about you and not only about you, in your growing process also as a professional. I do not have much work experience in the field of software development and programming, that is something that is acquired over time, but like many I have a great desire to improve and grow at the professional level. From day one, you can see that Pernix is different from the standard companies that exist today, as soon as you start with them they start encouraging you to excel your goals and reach your full potential with them, this is where you can see that they really care about you and that they want you to grow.

You have to be aware that to work on your career path requires time, sacrifice, learning and mistakes; but a large part depends on the tools and help offered by the company you work for. At Pernix Solutions they provide helpful tools to work in your career path, some of them are: a chart of values that are important in order to be successful, novice-to-expert scale where you can use to guide yourself when you feel lost, personal development instructions and last but not least a professional guidance from people who have years in the field and have all the knowledge that people like us need in order to grow. Thanks to all these tools I have been able to set goals and objectives in order to improve every day and one day go from novice to expert. As a complement to this, the talks with the psychologist and my mentor have also been very helpful.

With the experience I have with Pernix, I can attest that it is a place where the one that does not grow is because it does not want to and that it is a place where the environment is for improvement, leaving aside everything toxic that any other company could have.



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