A project and software team is incomplete without collaboration — Juan Jose Herrera

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3 min readFeb 23, 2021

I have been on Pernix only for 3 weeks and that has been enough to learn that without collaboration, a project can fail in all ways. I knew that collaboration was important to make things work, but now I learned that is impossible to achieve huge goals in a proper way without having the help of others to solve the problems involved across the project and even in life challenges. There have been many experiences in Pernix that have taught me this essential lesson.

This last week I began to work on my first project ever. To work on this project is necessary to work on a technology that I have never worked with. Even if the internet has many documentation about this technology, the collaboration I have received from my teammates was the key for me to begin understanding how this technology was applied in the project and how the project worked. Without my team would have been impossible for me to even install the project in a proper way because they were the ones that made it and that have more experience than me in the proper technologies used in developing the app.

One of the reasons that made the collaboration I have received from my teammates in this first project effective was punctuality. Every single time I asked for help my teammates responded very quickly and were punctual in every single meeting we had. Also, my boss was very punctual at our meetings and always gave us the help we needed. Because of the punctuality of my teammates on the help they gave me, I was able to do other tasks being more productive because they saved me a lot of time.

My teammates at Pernix have shown me that in collaboration all members of the team must give active and consistent help. They have taught me that even if there is a lot of work to do, you must be able to help your teammate every time you can because a project can only succeed if all the engines of the machine work in a consistent way and can help each other. With the collaboration that my teammates gave me during this project I feel that we can solve every issue we have in the future because we trust in each other.

By collaborating, I learn from my teammates, but they also learn from me. Even if I solved an issue that was small as modifying just one line of code, that knowledge can help a lot my teammates not only in the future but also in the present. That’s because if they don’t have a lot of time to research for a solution in internet, they can use what I did in the project to solve the issue they have if that’s the case. Collaboration is a process in which we all learn, not just someones.

Also, I haven’t learned only technical skills, but also soft skills. At the meeting we had my boss have reminded us what are the better attitudes to work with clients, the importance of punctuality and many other ones. I am amazed how everyone I have met at Pernix always collaborate in a respectful and compromised way.

In these few weeks at Pernix I have learned many use skills for projects and for my personal life. I’m sure I will learn more in the upcoming weeks.



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